Meet the Six States One Podcast Team


Ray Sullivan

Ray is the longest-serving moderator in the history of Six States One Podcast -- he tries to keep the trains running on time, but is often unsuccessful. He also helps produce and manages SSOP social media and digital efforts.

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Jon Huot

"I push the buttons."

Jon runs the board during the show and handles all aspects of post-production. His attune ear and magic fingers keep us all from sounding stupid. Nine years in Hollywood has left him susceptible to severe irritability when the temperature dips beneath 64 degrees. 

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Alex Almeida

Alex helps produce and is our go-to stat man. He's literally the guy who makes sure the show gets into your phone every week and he's also our defecto tech wizard. "Alex, how do I (insert geeky question here)," is heard regularly in the studio. 

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